Elevator E500 / C300

E500 Mid-High Speed Elevator

E500 elevator is specially designed for crowded transportation situation, for example high rise residential building, grand commercial building and grand hotel etc. It fully behaves express, luxurious and convenient. It adopts updated professional PMP driving and contol system, which can provide with excellent comfort, safety and high efficiency.

C300 Passenger Elevator

This product adopts updated professional elevator control system and AC-VVVF speed control system. It is suitable for low mid rise commercial and residential building, which can provide with confortable elevator environment. In addition thanks to VVVF control system, leveling accuracy, high efficiency and energy saving can be achieved.

Driving System E500

The traction machine adopts update magnetic synchronous motor. It has advantages of environment protection, energy saving, free-maintenance, safe reliable and high efficiency.

Driving System C300

The traction machine has advantages of high efficiency, little abrasion, long life and low calefactive.

Control System (E500/C300)

The whole computerized intellectual control can accomplish multi-CPU, module and network control. Multi-protocol communication makes installation and maintenance swift and flexible. NICE3000 control system with asynchronous motor, depend on different operation situation can be preset the best speed curves according to human engineering; accurately adjust the motor rotation speed and accomplish perfect feeling when elevator start, run and stop.

Created by: Snogol