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Fuji elevator factory is a leading producer and supplier of complete lifts in Kuwait as well as neighbouring countries. It is a subsidiary of the group company United Integrated Holding Group, under United Elevators factory.Our product range includes a wide variety of elevators and elevator components. Our accessories are certified by TÜV Germany and Bureau Veritas as well as Kuwait fire brigade for their quality.Our export activities have earned us a name in neighbouring countries such as Saudi, Dubai and Qatar. Following the growth of our reputation and popular demand, we have opened a separate store in Dammam Saudi and Fuji Lifts Kw in Kuwait as a joint venture with Fuji Elevators Malaysia.We strive to maintain our strength by supplying more products to different countries as per our customers’ requirements in different countries

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We let the very best handle our materials and equipment to maintain the quality we are known for. Our expertise in the industry enables us to find the perfect building solutions for your requirements.

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Our services are, while professional, infused with the care you require. We make sure to listen to the needs of our customers. We offer professional services with the best state-of-the-art equipment and raw materials.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing options are varied enough to ensure that each customer gets what they are looking for at an affordable rate.


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